Our Services

Software Development

Our experienced and creative software developers will ensure that your product ideas are converted into realities. We offer software solutions to cater to different customer requirements.

Resource Outsourcing

Sayanu is a blossoming software development company which facilitate short and mid term software requirements to enterprises through certified experienced IT professionals.

Quality Assurance Service

We provide quality assurance services to assure the quality of software solutions and to ensure customer satisfaction.

Software Consultancies

Sayanu undertake consultancy projects to help the customers to define strategic IT implementation for their enterprise needs.

About us

Sayanu is an Enterprise software development company for mobile & web applications with a track record of delivering creative, productive and timely business solutions to help its valued customers succeed in the business world.

Our highly valued client base is our greatest strength and we are committed to deliver the best quality, creative & productive, timely business solutions thereby accelerating their business drivers and leveraging state of the art best practices in the development arena to meet the demands of today's ever changing requirements....

User Experience


Solution Development


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Web Design


Our Mission

To deliver the best software solutions that make clients delight in terms of value, quality and delivery using the best globally accepted technologies.


Sayanu has taken engineering best practices from industry leading methodologies and extended it over time zones to build a world-class methodology for effective around-the-clock engineering support. Our methodology leverages some of the best practices of Agile & eXtreme Programming (XP).


Sayanu undertake to deliver high quality software within the available time & resource constraints. We focus on building products which are economical which will thereby yield higher benefits as opposed to their underlying costs.


Sayanu believe time is the key to win the trust. We almost completing our projects with the way it requested.


Sayanu is specialized in web & mobile applications development. We provide user friendly apps to our clients with outstanding features. Team up with us to enjoy the latest experience in UI design & development.


Sayanu is at your service for 24/7. We solve software conflicts and usability problems, and in supplying updates and patches for bugs and security holes in the program.

Our Products

What we have

sERP (Accounting package)

sERP is a web based multi user business administration and accounting operations enabled package that assists different business ventures to conduct its business operations productively. Reports generated through the package enables the management to make informed judgments and decisions, which will, assists organizations in competing and sustaining its business successfully.

Point of Sale (POS) System

This is a cloud or machine based efficient retailer POS system is designed to integrate with entution ERP that enable your organization to process its business transactions efficiently and effectively.

Case Manager

A powerful cloud-based solution that is an invaluable tool for law firms of all sizes. It helps your firm to structure workflows with dynamic tasks, track each moment spent on a case, create professionally designed bills in minutes, take command of your firm’s finances and operate fast and efficiently since it is easy when everything is accessible in one place.


SmartSeller is a software developed for companies with sales agents to help both sales agents and the company. The product will help sales agents to function all their operations smoothly with a help of a smart phone. The organization on the other hand will benefit from the solution by tracking all the activities of the sales agents, the movements of stocks, day end activity reports etc.

Our Work

What we have done for people

Job Searching/Posting App

Alumni Association of Accountancy (AAA) University of Jayayawardhanapura Website is made to conncet the old student community .Search For Jobs. Find Your New Job Today!

Mspecs - Real Estate

Real Estate Brokering system for Sweden brokering companies.

Web and Member Management

Web site and member management system for Ruhuna University Colombo Alumni Association.

Shipping Crew Brokering

This is a solution for handing all the process of shipping crew recruiting and managing until getting off from the company.

sERP Manager

Operational and MIS reporting Mobile app for sERP Accounting module top level users.

Smart Seller

The product will help sales agents to function all their operations smoothly with a help of a smart phone.

Money Manager

A simple solution for track and manage you daily expenses. you can take monthly income expense report and budget for next month.

Product Listing App

This is a solution for managing large number of items with small physical differences. This app manages more than 2500 items with number of groups. User can easily purchase and sale the item showing the image.

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